Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cheap Pet Cat Insurance Has no Penalty

From our previous post we have looked at reasons why you should go for cheap insurance for cat. Going for cheap cat insurance does not mean that you compromise on the quality but rather get the most out of your insurance.

You should avoid as much as you can cat insurances policies that have penalties, this means that you will incur more when a delay on your part in payment of the premier. Penalties are expensive and normally increase the cost of your cat cover. Check for the company’s policy on delay payment and if you find that there is penalty fee, the best you can do is negotiate with the cat insurance company.

If they agree to do away with penalty the better, but if they cannot it is better to move on to another cat insurer, compare their policies with the previous company. if you get that there is no penalty , you have to go for this particular company

Do your research online as there are so many companies offering cat insurance cover; do not rush to insure your cat with a particular company before checking for alternative.

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Hope you got something here to help you get Cheap Pet Insurance The playful Cat

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